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Eliane Roumie


INTEKAL انتقال



Roes Theater


The piece “intekal انتقال” is a dance solo dedicated to the concept of origin, inspired by the choreographer’s father’s recounting of significant life events. It began to take shape through his narrations with regard to Syria, his home country, and Greece, his home. It was based primarily on Georges Roumié’s narrative about the experience of his journey, and evolved creatively along the narration’s score, or rhythm.

The concept of migration as a movement from one place to another is a process of natural evolution. I migrate, relocate, uproot myself from a country and settle down in another, I take my leave. It is about a continuous process of uprooting and resettlement. About a transition that is not linear and does not only move in one direction, but rather consists of a mix of elements, as do its acting subjects.


Eliane Roumié was born in Athens and is of Syrian descent. She studied contemporary dance at Tanzfabrik (Berlin), Dans Centrum Jette (Brussels) and “Aktina” Professional Dance School (Athens). She holds a graduate degree in Physical Theater for Dancers and Actors, under the patronage of Jasmin Vardimon Company and Royal Holloway University of London. She has participated in productions in Belgium (Dominique Duszynski, Lydia de Beer), Germany (Sita Ostheimer), Cyprus (Sevim Akpinar) and Greece (Marina Abramovic, Yelp danceco., Pavlos Kourtidis, Bijoux de Kant Factory, Nostalghia Theater Group, et al.). Her choreographic works have been staged at festivals such as: Young Choreographers Festival - Haut Scene Copenhagen, Αthens Video Dance Project Festival (AVDP), Athens Photo Festival, Open Masterclass led by Marina Abramovic (As One), Young Artists’ Festival – To Treno sto Rouf, Our Festival 5 and 6, Dance Days Chania, and SoloDuo Internationales Tanz Festival Köln. Her work inteqal انتقال has also been presented at the Solo Contemporary Dance Festival Ankara, On_Bodies Dance and Performance Arts Festival (Cyprus) and Solocoreografico – International Solo Dance Festival Frankfurt (where she was awarded the Special Jury Prize for Upcoming Talent).


PERFORMED BY: Elian Roumié
MUSIC - SOUND DESIGN: Buildings at night
NARRATION: Georges Roumié
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ypatia Kornarou, George Anastasakis, Alessandro De Matteis
GRAPHICS, VIDEO: Alessandro De Matteis