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Friday 18/9

3 and a Half_
Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis
Duration: 17’


3 and a Half delves into the coexistence of three women. It follows closely the dynamics between them that develop in vacuum; in a field where all kinds of references to the outside world have been removed, thus allowing us to focus on the ever-changing relations of the heroines and on the bonds that confine them while uniting them. The three of them incarnate and continually expand a set of rules and traditions; the half of their existence. The half that covers up soothingly all that is missing, while ensuring that the incompleteness is perpetuated. At the opposite pole stands the impulse for independence and differentiation. When moving in-between these territories the heroines seek the possibility and form of a novel kind of interaction and a different course (shared as well as personal). The dance of this triad constitutes an art of narration of their history and of their shared present.

The crux of the choreography lies in the opposition between the desire to escape an enclosed reality and the trials of a genuine release. In 3 and a Halfthe three females are three opaque figures, strangers to us and probably to themselves. We don’t get to know them, but we observe them as they proceed ut consecutivum.

Choreography: Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis
Music: Leda Doumouliaka
Dramaturgy: Aspasia-Maria Alexiou
Set - Costume Design: Elli Papadakis
Lighting Design: Ksenia Kontomanoli
Photos: Dimitris Mamaloukos
Trailer: Marina Skoutela
Graphics: Vallia Mikromastora
Co-creators: Ioulia Zacharaki, Iro Konti, Christina Skoutela
Performers: Ioulia Zacharaki, Iro Konti, Natalia Baka

Mala Kline
Duration: 40’


«“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth“—Song of Songs 1:2

Mala Kline’s SONG is based on the Song of Songs, one of the greatest mystical texts of Western tradition, which is essentially an anthology of love songs celebrating and singing the praises of love and symbolically elevating it as the most powerful bond between creatures and the most essential reason for human existence.

Much like the Song of Songs, Kline’s choreography is a subtle, minimalist and meditative approach to love, which explores the magical potentialities of language and the breadth of relations it can create. It delves into how language as a medium - words spoken or ineffable - can bring us into a relationship with the unnamable, the body, the space, the music and the audience. SONG is the first part of a trilogy that seeks to mobilize our understanding through an emotional and sensory awakening.

“SONG is a love song we sing with every utterance we make,” says Mala Kline.

Concept and choreography: Mala Kline
Creation and performance: Eftychia Stefanou
Space, costume design and photography: Petra Veber
Music and sound: Nenad Sinkauz
Light design and technical direction: Jaka Šimenc
Executive production: Ajda Kline
Production: ELIAS 2069 and Mercedes Klein
Co-production: Pekinpah, Center kulture Španski borci/Zavod EN-KNAP, Platform 0090 Antwerpen, Kino Šiska in Nomad Dance Academy in the frame of CoFestival.

Supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana Department of Culture.

Thanks to: Urša Sivič, Hana Vodeb, Aleš Zorec, Gašper Puntar, Mesut Arslan.