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Thursday 17/9

Tonight and Every Night_
Konstantinos Papanikolaou
Duration: 25’


If each one of us is the sum of the stories that have been told, the languages that have made them up, the places and people who have related them, then the personality of the creator is shaped by the very fact of his or her involvement in this ongoing, flowing process of retransmission, transmutation, active remembrance, evocation and interpretation.

Konstantinos Papanikolaou invokes Jorge Luis Borges and Jacques Derrida among the personalities who have shaped his art with their thoughts and work, and carves out a new performative path for this year’s ARC festival. His solo titled “Tonight and Every Night” recalls old and familiar roles, as they are reborn from the body, (each time) speaking of itself as an other, and thus denying the omnipotence of autonomy in favour of the solidarity of doubt. As Borges, the great Argentinean writer, noted: “I am not sure that I exist, actually.”

Choreography– Performance: Konstantinos Papanikolaou
Music: Nicolas Tzortzis
Video: Maria Loukia Mitrakou
Set – Costumes: Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Olga Sfetsa
Dramaturgy - ‘Outside eye’: Paraskevi Tektonidou
Stage Movement Assistant: Athena Geraniou

Lady R._
Sofia Mavragani
Duration: 20’


Lady R. draws its raw material from the last text of Rosa Luxemburg, as it was written hours before her arrest and execution, along with Karl Liebknecht, by the Freikorps, after the latter had crushed the Spartacist uprising. The work, created by Sofia Mavragani and interpreted by Chara Kotsali on music by Martha Mavroidi, brings to life, through speech and movement, both the passionate political oratorio of Luxemburg and the question of memory-handling, as well as perceptions on rebellion and repression, as these are shaped in different historical circumstances, through new discourses and requests.

The text of this solo performance proclaims the importance of being aware of what is necessary for one who chooses to follow the path of responsibility and freedom. In the words of Rosa Luxemburg, “The whole road of ... revolutionary struggles ... is paved with nothing but thunderous defeats. Yet, at the same time, history marches inexorably, step by step, toward final victory!”

The work was first presented in the framework of documenta14, more specifically in the context of the public art project “Monument to Revolution” by Croatian artist Sanja Iveković.

Concept - Creation: Sofia Mavragani
Performance: Chara Kotsali
Voice - Music Composition: Martha Mavroidi
Lighting Design: Vasilis Klotsotiras
Artistic Collaborator: Sanja Iveković