The pedagogy of motion has always been a key priority for ARC for Dance Festival and, despite the extraordinary conditions that have prevailed during 2020-2021, but also prompted by these conditions, ARC14 is implementing two dance workshops that focus on the deeper exploration of personal movement, on (self-)observation and (self-)awareness, on improvisation and on the ability to continuously (re-)imagine the “new” in response to the unexpectedly changing circumstances in dance, performance, life.

DAY 1_

Workshop with Georgia Vardarou
Time: 12:00-15:00
Place: Dance Cultural Centre
Title: Personal movement

What is it that we think of when we hear the term “personal movement”? Where does such a kind of movement come from? Is “personal movement” malleable? What is happening in the space between my perception and that of the audience?

Using their bodies as tools, under Vardarou’s guidance and with the use of music, participants will use “kinetic improvisation” in order to activate, become aware and technically refine their personal ways of moving. Through various tasks, the intention is to find ways to recognize patterns and experiment on how to work on those further, and eventually on how to use those in a performing context.

DAY 2_

Workshop with Mattia Russo & Antonio de Rosa (KOR’SIA)
Time: 12:00-15:00
Place: Dance Cultural Centre
Title: Corporal writings

Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa propose a workshop based on an inquiry into movement. This research is focused on the exchange between both the roots and the capacities of each participant.

The workshop is structured as a creative process where the main goal is exploring the chance to produce a new movement. It is about suggesting mental and physical limits, worries, inner contradictions, or even places of memory, in order to lead the body to discover new, extreme and unknown solutions. Starting from a concrete reality, dancing is turning into a new research towards unique forms of personal expression.

If you would like to attend one (or both) of the workshops, please fill out your personal information here, mentioning which one(s) you would like to attend.

If public health protocols in place at the time of the workshops do not allow for physical presence in dance rooms, the workshops will be held online via zoom.


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