The International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Athens ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL, with Artistic Director Frosso Trousa at its helm, has been organized since 2008 by the nonprofit arts company DAN.C.CE Unitiva, and since 2018 it is enjoying the support of the Greek State and the European Union through the Operational Program “ATTICA 2014-2020”.

The festival that spearheaded the effort to bring new trends and choreographers to the forefront is reaffirming its faith in the open dynamic of dance as this is reflected in its continuous interaction with other art forms and expressions.

It is insisting on fostering the appropriate environment allowing for the emergence of innovative creative trajectories and a substantial experimentation on the language of dance by novice and seasoned choreographers alike.

It is broadening the contribution of Greek artists in the global discourse on dance by facilitating their participation in international networks and inviting to Greece dance professionals, programmers and specialists from around the world.

It is enhancing the presence and visibility of dance in the public sphere and proposing new approaches to comprehending and relishing the movement of the human body.

Above all, ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL is opening up the prospect of continuity, of its fundamental development and improvement, at least one vector of which may be identified in the euphorically radical suggestion of remarkable contemporary artist Janine Antoni:

Following Joseph Beuys’s logic that we are all artists, I would like to suggest that we are all choreographers. We are constantly adjusting our movements, not only to perform a given task but also to express our inner states. It is only our level of awareness or consciousness that keeps us from experiencing ourselves as choreographers.

— Janine Antoni


In 2021 ARC14 declares that, now more than ever, it is TIME-TO-DANCE.
We understand time through our bodies, we measure its flow via our movement, our memories are traces of our relation to it, we fulfil time by our presence and will and it thus becomes the kairos of the Greeks.

Indigenous cosmologies narrate and celebrate the space-time continuum in dance, via gestures and performance. Scientists try to explain the illusion of time as the result of our inability to fathom and feel the world’s every moving detail at once.

This year, ARC14 reflects on dance from its most vital and least conceivable component: time. A choice that amidst the pandemic directly engages with our current uncanny sense of a time both suspended and accelerated. A choice that wishes to pull us toward a more joyful sense of life, beyond the confines of space and into the flows of time.

The program of ARC_MAIN FEST explores the many ways through which we move and are being moved, examines the rhythms, tempos, beats, the many variants of movement as they divide and interpolate time.

ARC14 focuses on thrill of shifting bodies as they engage with time; it celebrates the release into the feel of ever-changing realities; it suggests the reconciliation with the strains of duration.

ARC14 opens up to everybody’s experience of time, in the city, within the heavy demands of the present and beyond, in order to mend and heal a relation to time that has been broken, ailing.

ARC14 calls for artists and audiences to think forward and, also, in reverse: from TIME-TO-DANCE to DANCE-TO-TIME.


The consistent development and systematic cultivation of a healthy ecosystem of dance has been, since 2008, the work of DAN.C.CE Unitiva, the nonprofit arts company that has been organizing ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL, enjoys the support of Dance Cultural Center (DAN.C.CE) and is a member of the wider European network Aerowaves – Dance across Europe.

Froso Trousa Founder - Chairwoman DAN.C.CE UNITIVA

Dimitris Nasiakos Co-founder and Deputy Chairman DAN.C.CE UNITIVA

Evita Karadimitri Programming Manager DAN.C.CE UNITIVA
Director Visual Communication ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL


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The "International Festival of Contemporary Dance ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL "is realized within the context of the Operational Program "ATTICA 2014-2020" and is co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and national resources. The realization of the “14th International Festival of Contemporary Dance ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL” is in compliance with accessibility provisions, in order to ensure accessibility to PWD.